NDCAP: EPZ & 2015 Priorities

Please attend the NDCAP meeting this Thursday, Feb. 26 (6-9pm, Marlboro Grad Center, 28 Vernon St., Brattleboro).  Here are some of the issues on the Agenda:

  • EPZ: A presentation by Entergy on the Evacuation Planning Zone with time for public comment. And you know we have comments. (Here’s some background).
  • The future of NDCAP.  So far NDCAP has been as inactive and ineffective between meetings as VSNAP was; this is an opportunity to see if NDCAP and citizen participation can become meaningful.  After five months chaired by the State’s Chris Recchia and dominated by state and Entergy priorities, the panel is under new leadership by a citizen rep, Kate O’Connor of Brattleboro and vice chair, Vernon’s Matin Langveld. This meeting is an opportunity to put the “Citizen” back in Citizen Advisory Panel.
  • Financial support: NDCAP has also suffered from an imbalance in resources: Entergy has them, NDCAP doesn’t. The legislation creating NDCAP says the state is supposed to pony up, and provide training and timely information to the Panel.

Here are some useful links:

02.26.15 NDCAP Agenda

DRAFT Changes to the charter for NDCAP  (NEW PDF download)

2014 NDCAP DRAFT report to the Legislature (NEW PDF download)

BCTV NDCAP Meetings on-line videos




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