Weaseling Out

Entergy is trying to weasel out of paying for operating expenses by dipping into the decommissioning trust fund for emergency planning and spent fuel management. According to VtDigger, Vermont’s AG Bill Sorrell, believes ’emergency planning is a cost that should come out of the company’s operating budget.’

“We want decommissioning to be able to move forward as soon as reasonably possible and we don’t want to let Entergy’s profit considerations and risk-averse desires to cause an undue slowdown of the growth of the fund.”

We need protection while the fuel is still in the fuel pool, and while it is moved into dry casks storage. Arnie Gundersen says the risk of a nuclear accident is highest while fuel is moved out of the pool and into storage.

We are between the proverbial rock and a hard place. If Entergy is allowed to dip into the fund for emergency planning and moving fuel, the fund will have to grow further to make up for the monies Entergy took out. It delays the date when real decommissioning begins.  But if Entergy has to pay for it from their profits, our chances of being covered are weak to none. When did the 2nd largest nuclear corporation in the US,  from its HQ in New Orleans, start to care about the people or environment up north?

Providing emergency planning is not decommissioning. It is acting like a corporation that gives a damn about protecting the children at the elementary school across the street. Let’s hope the State stands firm and Entergy grows a conscience.

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