SAFSTOR til 2053

Entergy has released its site assessment for Vermont Yankee decommissioning, waste management, and site clean-up.   Click here for the full report (PDF download).

Check out our Decommissioning Resources page for a list of our concerns, as well as a digest of information, news articles and OpEds.

The plan will be presented at the next NDCAP meeting, scheduled for October 30th, 6pm at Brattleboro Union High School. The meetings are open to the public so mark your calendar.

SAFSTOR til 2053. (Are you willing to make a bet that Entergy will be around in 2053?)

“… the earliest clean up of the site could begin is 2053, but Mike Twomey, Entergy vice president for external affairs, said that date is a worse-case scenario …”

“The site assessment study also revealed cost for cleaning up the site is more than expected, at $1.24 billion.”

$817M    Decomm after SAFSTOR til 2053-ish
$368M   Spent fuel management by 2020-ish
$ 57M     Site restoration.

The decommissioning trust fund is at $642,550,813, down from September at $653,292,191.

DPS Commissioner Chris Recchia believes things are not as bad as they sound: “Assuming Entergy can accomplish spent fuel management from the pool into dry cask on the 2019-2020 schedule Entergy has suggested, and get reimbursement from the US Department of Energy in a timely manner, we expect that these cost estimates will enable us to move forward with full decommissioning in the 2030s or perhaps late 2020s timeframe, depending on growth in the Decommissioning Trust Fund.”

So how long SAFSTOR will last is all based on Entergy & the NRC betting on Wall Street. OUR rates paid into the decommissioning fund, sold to Entergy along with the reactor in 2002, and subject to the whims of the stock market.

Quotes above from Reformer 10.18.14    VT Business Magazine    Keene Sentinel     VtDigger


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