VSNAP Triples Size of Panel

Those on the VT State Nuclear Advisory Panel’s listserve received the following email , announcing that it invites recommendations for the 6 new citizen members to the panel. Note the word “Advisory” in VSNAP’s panel. While informed folks can argue about the effectiveness of the panel in the past, given NRC rules, any state or citizen involvement is limited to an advisory role – if any role at all. Let’s work to ensure that the 6 citizen appointees are committed to prompt, safe and thorough decommissioning.

Dear Interested VSNAP Participants,
On December 23, 2013, when announcing the Settlement Agreement between the State of Vermont and Entergy, Governor Shumlin committed to expanding VSNAP to make it a more citizen-focused decommissioning advisory panel.  As a result of the Public Service Board’s approval of the MOU last month, and the full effectuation of the Settlement Agreement, language to accomplish this objective was adopted by the legislature and included in the budget bill H.885 (Relevant sections attached).
In general, the changes are to make the panel focused on the decommissioning process at VY and its economic impact on the area, rather than all nuclear issues in the state.  It adds:
          6 citizen members (appointed by Governor, Pro Tem and Speaker – 2 each),
          1 Representative of the Windham Regional Commission
          1 Town of Vernon representative,
          2 representatives of VY,
          1 IBEW member (current or former worker at VY),
          a representative each from MA and NH, appointed by their respective Governors.
          the Secretary of Commerce and Community Development (ex officio).
This expands the panel from 7 to 21.
I wanted to make you aware of these proposed positive changes, and to seek recommendations to fill the citizen slots on the panel.
We will be scheduling a meeting for the new panel over the Summer, so please do send your suggestions or contact the relevant appointing authority with your expression of interest.  I am excited about this new phase of the VY process, and look forward to your continuing participation.
Thank you,
Chris  [Recchia, Commissioner, VT Dept. of Public Service]
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