New! Improved! NRC Decommissioning!

Given the avalanche of known and expected nuclear reactors on the chopping block, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has freshened up its webpage on decommissioning. Bonus: Learn what the corporations and its captive regulator want you to know in this shiny new video, “Five Minutes with an NRC Experts [sic] on Decommissioning.”

The public is invited to make comments at two points: after the owner’s  post-shutdown decommissioning activities report goes to the NRC, and after the license termination plan goes to the NRC. “In addition, when NRC holds a meeting with the licensee, members of the public may observe the meeting (except when the discussion involves proprietary, sensitive, safeguards, or classified information).” The video mentions the possibility of a Community Advisory panel or board but there is nothing on the webpage about that.

Here is the website: and the video on YouTube

Check out Safe & Green’s Decommissioning Resources page for links to information, news, and opinion.

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