Party On!

Wow! What a night! About 150 folks braved the wicked weather, filled the dance floor, hugged old friends, congratulated each other, and took to the dance floor in celebration of 42 years of working to shut down Vermont Yankee. If the weather hadn’t been so wicked bad, we are not sure how everyone would have fit!  If you missed it … or even if you didn’t … you can listen to a bunch of us sharing our stories on “Nuclear Hotseat,” a weekly national non-nukes radio show. Via cell phone, host Libbe LeHavy interviwed revelers from the Activist Alcove. The Nuclear Hotseat edited version is here, — Yankee UnPlugged interviews start at 12 minutes, after the weekly nuke news.  Libbe has given us her unedited, hour-long version which you can download and listen to as an MP3 podcast. What a gift! Enjoy!

The Greenfield Recorder had a reporter at the party. His story is here. Cecelia Tusinski is quoted saying, “We’ve worked so long, but it wasn’t just work. It was building community, these people actually like each other,” she said. “These are people who don’t just talk, they ‘do.’”

VY UnPlugged CakeThanks so much to all who do! 8 of us planned this shindig — our gratitude goes out to:

  • To the two dozen folks who set up the hall and Activist Alcove, hanging decades of banners and signs, getting food and drink out, babysitting the keg, manning the door, creating beautiful signs, creating the humming Activist Alcove, and schlepping lots and lots of stuff from the snowy parking lot into the halls.
  • To Harvey Schaktman for his fabulous slide & light show, taking us back in time
  • To Simba and John Sheldon for playing, schlepping equipment and braving the storm to bring us such joy
  • The Raging Grannies for opening the whole shebang with gusto
  • To the speed-speakers from CAN, the uranium mining country, Japan, Indian Point, Pilgrim, NEC, Beyond Nuclear, & NIRS
  • To folks who braved the weather, from Montpelier to the Berkshires to Cape Cod to NYC to DC and beyond, and all who hosted them overnight.
  • To all who closed the party singing “Auld Lang Syne” and “Bye Bye VY”
  • Amy’s Bakery Arts, People’s Pint, Klondike Sound, and Putney Coop for all their years of support, deep discounts, and overall yumminess
  • To all who donated at the door, for tee shirts, for Lionel’s book, and to the SAGE Alliance – thanks to you, we broke even!
  • AND a huge bear hug to all two dozen volunteers who stayed did a whirlwind job of cleaning up. No matter where you live, it was a long cautious drive home — you all are the heroes of the night.

The whole evening was a testament to how decades of working together has pays off. Folks stepped up and did what needed to be done, to create something we all said we wanted to happen.

 SO – we all know what needs to get done next, right? Time to switch from “shut it down” to CLEAN IT UP.


The snow won’t keep us down. Join us at the VT Yankee UnPlugged Party Tonight (01/03/15) in Greenfield, Mass to celebrate the shut down! Starts at 7:30pm at St. James Episcopal Church, 8 Church St. Dance your joy to music by Simba and John Sheldon, schmooze in our quiet “Activists Alcove.” Dessert & finger food pot luck, brews from the People’s Pint. $5-$20 donation to cover the party costs.

 The forecast is for snow starting around 7pm, going until midnight, then a wintry mix. So join us early – ending it early is our worst case scenario.

Between the dancing, from 9-9:30, speakers will bring us two minutes messages of solidarity …

* Paul Gunter, Beyond Nuclear

* Diane Turco from Cape Downwinders – fighting Entergy at the Pilgrim reactor in Plymouth, MA

* Leona Morgan of Dine No Nukes, New Mexico’s abandoned uranium mines

* Yuko Tonohiro, with messages from Japan

* Alfred Mayer from NY Physicians for Social Responsibility, calling for closure of Entergy’s Indian Point & Ginna reactors

* Kevin Kamps from Beyond Nuclear

* Tim Judson from NIRS

* Carol Levin, New England Coalition

* Chris Williams & Deb Katz of the Citizens Awareness Network

In the Activist Alcove:

Tabling by, New England Coalition, Dine No Nukes, Beyond Nuclear, Cape Downwinders, Mass. Stop the Pipeline, Safe & Green Campaign, Citizens Awareness Network and more.

Be part of an oral history  – talk by our cell phone with Nuclear Hot Seat, a weekly podcast, for a special edition on the successful fight to shut down Vermont Yankee

Lionel Delevingne has donated 50 of his books, To the Village Square, to support the cause. Visit with Anna Gyorgy, who wrote the intro, in the Activist Alcove and buy your copy for just $10!

Doug Ten Rose, activist/author, will be selling “Fearless Puppy on an American Road” and “Reincarnations from Common Sense”

VY Memorabilia: Tee Shirts, Bumper stickers & Lawn Signs

See you there!


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