Adapting to Change

Nina Keller, a long-time anti-nuclear activist, is the author of this letter published in the Greenfield Recorder last week. We have heard the same questions and sentiments in the movement, but few have expressed them publicly. Thanks for getting it in print, Nina!

October 2012Letter: Adapting to change

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

On the same day, the Vermont Yankee Reactor was “unplugged,” the train through Greenfield was re-enstated. This is interesting irony.

When I read of Vernon officials, nuke workers and business owners complaining about how to adapt to the anticipated loss of revenue, I object. A judicious parent will teach a child to economize even a small allowance and how to plan spending and saving for some desired treasure.

We have known the reactor was to shut down for years. Can the town of Vernon plead innocent of that fore-knowledge? After 40 years of tax bounty, have the financial master minds of that town not planned ahead with rainy day funds? Have nuclear workers, paid far above the minimum wage, not done the same with their savings accounts and considerations of job changes? Farmers confront the unpredictability of crops and seasons every day. They have learned how to diversify so a chicken farmer begins to think creatively and opens a farm stand, initiates a compost service, a petting zoo, maple syrup products, woodworking talents, catering business …

In our changing environmental society, we can adapt and diversify, create different ways to use our skills, or belly ache when we don’t know how to fit in to a changing economy.

I truly empathize with any family that must relocate when they have established ties and comfort in a community. It is far easier to invent a new logo for a local T-shirt than to bemoan the loss of a radioactive logo currently sold at a Vernon shop. They have had a long time to think creatively. I hope they will not boast “High Level Radioactive Waste Capital of Vermont.”


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