Legacy of Lies

Every day we read misstatements in newspapers and blogs that make the poor nuclear industry and Entergy look like the victims in the decision to close Vermont Yankee. “The state sued Entergy” (fact: Entergy sued Vermont). “Vermont Yankee provides 1/3 of Vermont’s power” (fact: zero power for at least two years). “High electric rates due to Yankee closure” (fact: Yankee was 1% of the regional grid). Lately a new lie has emerged: “the government” shut down VY (fact: Entergy corporate gave it the pink slip because it was losing money).

Each time one paper or industry hack spins these lies, they are perpetuated by another reporter or blogger too lazy to do their own research.

Reporter Susan Smalheer of the Rutland Herald has covered Vermont Yankee news responsibly for decades. In this Sunday’s paper, she again does a public service by correcting these misconceptions in her article, “VT Yankee Set to Pull the Plug.”

P.S. On Monday, Ms. Smalheer will public a correction of one small error of her own: Leslie Sullivan Sachs still [enthusiastically] works for the Safe and Green Campaign. Leslie also is a proud member of the Fairewinds Energy Education crew.

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