Closing Spin

As Yankee counts the days until closing, the press is taking notice. “Gone Fission?” is the cover story in 7Days, Burlington’s free weekly. Our own Leslie Sullivan Sachs and Gary Sachs were profiled, as were four workers and others from Windham County. The Commons of Windham County is doing a series; the first was on workers, and the second on the Windham Regional Commission.

Pro-nukers continue to get a lot of ink. Bob Leach continues to push “carbon free nuclear power” with statements like this:

… marshalling nuclear power to help prevent an irreversible degradation of the environment would show that the United States is determined to prevent the worst effects of climate change …

This week, former Gov. Tom Salmon has an ode to Yankee called “You Done Good.” Here’s a taste:

Eight years ago…I began to notice the heat being turned up on Vermont Yankee. A rather fierce ideological battle from the hard left ensued. Some were Vermonters, but the vast majority lived in other states. The Vermont press was responding to their siren song.

However, in Windham County, a hardy band of citizens said, “We want to be heard on these issues.” And so the nonprofit Vermont Energy Partnership was founded to advocate on behalf of public policies that facilitate affordable, safe, reliable, clean power…

“a hardy band of citizens”? VT Energy Partnership was founded by two dozen of the most powerful businesses in Vermont – IBM, Casella Waste, Pizagalli Construction — and Entergy, of course. It immediately hired the PR firm, GreenSpirit Strategies founded by spin-master Patrick Moore, to spin re-licensing …. is he back for the closure?

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