12:12 pm on 12.29.14

Vermont Yankee has officially powered down and is off-line …. forever.

Just let that sink in.Bye Bye VY Cake

Hundreds of articles, blog posts, and OpEds have been published about Yankee closing. Here’s a selection:


Entergy Press Release

The Guardian: “VT Shutters Nuke Plant to Make Way for Renewable Energy”

EcoWatch by Harvey Wasserman

Common Dreams by Jim Riccio, Greenpeace

Forbes: Why VY Closing Won’t Raise New England Power Bills by economist Mark Cooper

Greenfield Recorder collection of articles & OpEds, including “Closing Celebration” on VY Unplugged party

Keene Sentinel’s collection of articles & OpEds

National Geographic: VY Shutdown Punctuation New Reality for Nuclear Power

Newsweek VY Shut Down: US Still has No System for Waste

NY Times: VY Nuclear Plant Begins the Slow Process of Closing 01.05.15

CountPunch:  VT Yankee & All the Rest by JohnLaForge

If a Nuclear Plant Closes in VT, Does It Matter in Plymouth?

Socialist Workers: Good Riddance to VT Yankee by Steve Ramey

VPR on VT Yankee History & Legacy


Entergy full page ad 12.29.14

Entergy VY Close Full Page Ad



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