Dept. of Energy & Our Safety

The Dept. of Energy (DOE) has been found at fault for the leaks of radiation into the air at the Carlsbad, New Mexico Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in February. 21 employees were affected, contaminated by levels of radiation. Poor training by and they did

  • “… the department measured safety performance by the number of reports of deficiencies – instead of the significance of the issues.”
  • “Directly tying performance to the number of occurrence reports drives the contractor to non-disclosure of events in order to avoid the poor score,” the report says.

The local paper, Las Cruces News, covers the story in more detail here. “Shortcomings were found at almost every step, from a more than 10-hour response to the initial emergency alarm to a bypass in the filtration system that allowed the radiation to escape above ground.

“The bottom line is they failed to believe initial indications of the release,” Wyka said.”


The DOE is the agency that will be safeguarding the nuclear waste at Vermont Yankee. How can we trust the DOE to do its job?

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