VT Town Meeting Day Resolution

It has been exciting to see clean, sustainable energy on the rise in Vermont since Vermont Yankee shut down. This coming week, Vermonters will have an opportunity to tell lawmakers to get serious about making progress towards a 90% clean energy by 2050 – a goal set in 2011 by the State of Vermont’s Comprehensive Energy Plan. 

36 towns will vote on resolutions. VtDigger has an updated list of which towns will be voting.

The three main principles of the resolution are to move Vermont towards meeting its goal of 90% renewable energy by 2050, no new fossil fuel infrastructure, and to have the transition be fair and equitable. Small groups from each town drafted versions of the resolutions to meet the specific needs of the town before collecting the required signatures to get it on town warnings or ballots.

This campaign is being organized by our friends at 350Vermont 

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