VY Un-Plugs in 4 Weeks

Download to print our new flyer VY unplugged Flyer for your Fridge & Friends

28 Days until Vermont Yankee stops making power, stops making waste, and our Connecticut River valley is nuclear free again. Wow. What do you do? When you finally get what you’ve been working towards for years? When you know that the lives of your children and your community will be better because of what you have done? When you realize how much richer your life has become by working with thousands of amazing people?

You Party!  That’s What You Do!

Calling all nuclear activists and supporters who have worked for four decades to shut this baby down … calling all activists still struggling with nukes in their neighborhoods across the US … calling all allies battling extreme energy of all kinds ….

Vermont Yankee Victory Celebration

 V.Y.  U N – P L U G G E D

Party for a Nuclear Free New Year

 7:30pm  Saturday  January 3rd

 St. James Episcopal Church, 8 Church St. Greenfield MA*

with music and dancing by




Suggested Donation $5 – $20

* Tasty Brews from the People’s Pint!  Nuclear BINGO with Kevin Kamps!

* Treats:  Contributions of desserts, finger food and non-alcoholic beverages appreciated! Contact Nancy 802-380-3362 (c) or nancykbraus@yahoo.com

* Rides: Can you offer a ride? Do you need a ride? Contact Leo 802-275-7889 (c) or blindcommissioner@comcast.net

* Roadies: Got a strong back? We need “roadies” to help Klondike Sound haul equipment in at 4:30pm, and out at 11pm. Contact Bob 802-802-258-7750 (c) or bobbady@gmail.com

* Allies & Activists from beyond the valley: Set up your table and share your story in the quiet Activist Alcove (next to the dancing). Please contact Leslie & let her know you are coming: 802-763-8459 or safeandgreencampaign@gmail.com

* Clean Up Crew! You know who you are & you don’t want to party to end. Contact Leslie 802-763-8459 (c) or safeandgreencampaign@gmail.com

* St. James Episcopal Church is at the Corner of Federal & Church Streets


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