EPZ: Your Voices Were Heard

VT Senators Pat Leahy, Bernie Sanders and MA Senator Markey joined other Senators in a letter to the NRC pointing out their folly in permitting nuclear reactors to cease emergency planning once a reactor stops producing power, but before it is fully decommissioned. We asked you to write on April 9, to the NRC, Senators, and emergency planners — please go to the link again, this time to thank the Senators for their action and encourage them to keep the pressure on.

We noticed that Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has not signed the letter. Mass residents – please contact her office and encourage her to join her colleagues in the Senate, and voice her opinion to the NRC. Call her office in Springfield  (413) 788-2690 and DC (202) 224-4543 and use her form on the web to send comments.

Read the Press Release from the Senators, which includes a link to the Senators’ letter to the NRC.  The Brattleboro Reformer covers the story here and a (Springfield, Mass.) Republican editorial is here.

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