Freeze Our Fukushimas

Beyond Nuclear's "Freeze Our Fukushimas!" Campaign

Beyond Nuclear’s “Freeze Our Fukushimas!” Campaign

Safe and Green Campaign and 22 other groups organizing in Mark 1 and Mark 2 reactor communities submitted a petition to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, demanding that they immediately close the reactors. The GE Mark 1 and Mark 2 reactors have significant flaws in the container design, which were confirmed by the on-going catastrophe in Fukushima, Japan.

On Thursday, May 2 from 1:oo-3:00pm, Safe and Green Campaign and co-petitioners will give our statements to the NRC’s petition review board. Safe & Green will address past accidents and near-misses at Vermont Yankee’s Mark 1 reactor. You can listen in to the phone conference, or watch on-line. The NRC will provide 300 toll-free telephone lines through 1-888-603-9750 (Passcode 5506147) for the general public and interested media to listen to the groups’ arguments for enforcement action.

We are grateful to Beyond Nuclear for taking the lead on this issue. Check out their website for details on the petition and links to access to the phone call or webcast: Freeze Our Fukushimas.

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