Pro VY Writers Are Busy

The Brattleboro Reformer has published five Letters to the Editor this past week, all of which were written by proponents of Vermont Yankee.  One letter begins “There are a handful of signs out marking a so-called “Vermont Yankee Evacuation Zone.” Yankee does not have an evacuation zone, but does have a 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone…” and goes on to talk about how safe we are all and touts Yankee as an EBZ – economic benefit zone. Meredith Angwin writes about how the Trojan Cow is a symbol of deceptions, and that on July 1 protesters “attempted to deceive the public that closing Vermont Yankee would bring a burst of renewables to market. It will not.”

Please write your own letter to the Editor!  We need readers to hear over and over again why Vermont Yankee must close, why we choose the actions we do to shut it down, and to give factual information on nuclear power.

You can read the recent pro-VY letters here. Feel free to mail a copy of your letter to the editor to and we’ll post it on our Letters to the Editor web page.


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