Solidarity: Pipelines & Climate Change

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    The PSB’s bus, driven by Peter Shumlin, has thrown the environment, farms, clean water and homes under the bus.

    Veteran activists from the campaign to shut down Vermont Yankee are also engaged in the proposals to build huge new pipelines carrying tar sands or fracked gas through New England. It is a twin battle on the public health & the environment, and on democracy. Eminent domain is being used for profit, not the public good.  Under FERC, like the NRC, towns and planning commissions have no say. Here are campaigns Safe & Green members are active in.

    Sugar Shack Alliance is bringing together local people and veteran activists to energize and expand the non-violent direct action campaign to prevent the Kinder Morgan NED pipeline and its compressor stations from being built.

    • VT Gas pipeline: Rising Tide Vermont and VT Gas, a subsidiary of Canada’s GazMetro, is building a pipeline to carry gas through farmland, orchards and private homes in Vermont.  Our Facebook page has photos from when we joined their October 2014 action. 40+ folks occupied the Governor’s office in Montpelier.
    • There are two pipeline fronts in Massachusetts. Good sources with links to local advocates:  and
      • 1.  Spectra is building the AIM pipeline that includes in high density neighborhoods in the Boston area as well as a pipeline close to Indian Point nuke outside NYC.
      • Spectra AIM map
      • 2. Kinder Morgan (founded by a former Enron executive) filed plans with FERC in November 2015 to build the Northeast Energy Direct (NED) pipeline through the Berkshires to Franklin County, up into southern NH then back into Mass. One of the compression stations is proposed for Northfield, 7 miles from VT Yankee. Safe & Green is working with the Sugar Shack Alliance to stop NED.
      • Now the town of Vernon proposes building a gas plant near Yankee that would tie into NED. February 2016 Update is here.

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    Climate March 9.21.2014Almost a thousand people – including this happy crew from the Safe & Green Campaign – joined the No Nukes, No Carbon contingent of the historic People’s Climate March in New York City on September 21, 2014. We’re grateful to for organizing buses — more than 1% of Vermont’s population marched!

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    Safe & Green provided organizing and communications support to Save Our Solar (SOS), a successful fight to defeat a well-funded effort to decrease availability of solar power in Massachusetts. Check out the SOS Fact Sheet here.

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    In July 2014, we joined The Pipeline Resistance walkers for a day s as they crossed Massachusetts following the route of the proposed pipeline that would bring fracked gas from Pennsylvania, thru NY and to the coast of Mass.


    Inside each “pipe” walkers signed their names.


    At the end of each day, walkers would pass the pipes along to the next day’s walkers in the relay walk across the state.


    The crew on July 11 through Montague.