PSB Hearings: Overview & Basic Info

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    Vermont’s Public Service Board will decide if Entergy receives state permission to continue operating in Vermont for another 20 years. The process started November 7 & 19 with Public Hearings on the “right of Entergy to continue to operate Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power station” and store waste. You can see the schedule and all the testimony and orders for the case at the PSB here:  (Check that link  and/or  their home page to see if the weather has forced a postponement of a PSB hearing).

    You can still file your comments on paper. Send them to:

    Clerk of the Board
    Vermont Public Service Board
    112 State Street
    Montpelier, VT 05620-2701

    Reference “Vermont Yankee Re-licensing” or Docket #7862

    You can also email comments to: . Subject line: Vermont Yankee Re-licensing, or Docket #7862.

    You can send in your comments, or both speak at a hearing and write comments to send in.

    Public Service Board’s guidelines on public comments:

    – comments do not become part of the evidentiary record but do “play an important role by raising new issues or offering perspectives that the Board should consider and ask parties to present evidence on.”

    – If you live in NH or Mass., the Public Service Board does allow comments from non-Vermont residents.


    Read CAN’s “Nine Reasons to Deny Entergy a CPG”

    According to the PSB: “…we may consider any non-radiological-health-and-safety matters that bear upon the general good of the state and that do not directly conflict with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s exercise of its federal jurisdiction or frustrate the purposes of federal regulation.”  Here are a few suggestions on comments:

    – Open and Close with: Deny Certificate of Public Good to Entergy.

    – Entergy cannot be trusted. Since Entergy bought Yankee in 2002, they have lied to us, broken agreements made when they bought the reactor (MOU).

    – Cooling tower collapse and cover-up, and lies to PSB and legislators – they cannot be trusted.

    – NINE slow-downs in 2012 alone to make repairs– not a reliable source of power.

    – They are not good business partners. Entergy sued the state of VT this year alone, (1) demanding we pay $4.6million in legal fees for federal preemption case and (2) over VT’s right to tax it (promptly dismissed).

    – We do not need (or want) the power.

    – Yankee reduces our market competitiveness and ability to create jobs in conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy.

    – Thermal discharge – sending heated water into the Connecticut River pollutes the water and hurts the aquatic life.

    – We want Yankee decommissioned safely, now, to greenfield condition.

    – Nuclear energy is not in the state’s electric plan.

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