CAN: 9 Good Reasons for PSB to Deny Entergy a CPG

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  • NINE GOOD REASONS FOR THE PUBLIC SERVICE BOARD TO REJECT ENTERGY’S CPG REQUEST  Deb Katz & Chris Williams, Citizens Awareness Network, 11-14-2012

    There are good reasons for the PSB to reject Entergy’s CPG request that don’t deal with safety. It is important that the PSB hear from citizens in the tri-state community about these concerns and why  Vermont Yankee’s continued operation is not in Vermont’s best interest.

    1. Reliability: Entergy is not a good corporate citizen. Vermont Yankee may have run at 100% power, but this corporation cannot be trusted. Between its leaks and lies under oath, its delayed maintenance leading to a cooling tower collapse, its choice to run at 100% power while tritium leaked into the ground water, this rogue corporation is a bad apple.

    2. Lack of Economic Benefit: There is little benefit to Vermont Yankee’s continued operation. In March 2012 all power contracts between Entergy and Vermont utilities ended. Green Mountain Power and CVPS have long term contracts with Hydro Quebec and Seabrook at lower rates than Entergy ever offered.

    3. Mountain of Waste: Without a solution for the high-level waste stored onsite at Vermont Yankee- in its fuel pool and dry cask storage- Entergy wants to store another 20 years’ worth of waste for an indefinite period of time. If the nuclear industry and the federal government didn’t solve the waste crisis in the first 60 years, why should citizens believe they will find a solution in the next 60. Who will bear the economic responsibility for storing and monitoring this gigantic waste problem?

    4. Thermal Pollution:  Entergy routinely pollutes the Connecticut River to cool the reactor. It releases hundreds of millions of gallons of water up to 105 degrees. This has degraded the ecosystems and fish populations in the river and downstream. Recent studies raise serious questions about Entergy’s limited analysis of its effect on the river.

    5. Economics of Evacuation: Given the Fukushima disaster and its far ranging and unforeseen consequences, the potential for the expansion of the evacuation radius, could cause undo financial hardship on the state and local communities.

    6. Green Energy Future: Vermont’s commitment to a sustainable energy future does not include Vermont Yankee. Sustainability is not synonymous with millions of curies of high level waste stored for an indefinite period of time on the banks of the Connecticut River. For all the talk about a carbon free foot print, this has no relevance to Vermont Yankee’s continued operation.

    7. Jobs: Vermont Yankee employs about 250 Vermonters; the rest live in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  Their concerns about job security are understandable. However, they represent a special interest group concerned about their own livelihood. It might be in their best interests for Vermont Yankee to continue operating, but not in the best interests of the state of Vermont and its citizens. It is also true that Vermont invests and supports other energy development that jobs will be created. Many studies point to greater job creation through sustainable energy solutions than from nuclear.

    8. Mismanaged and Inadequate Decommissioning Fund: Can we trust a corporation that does not have enough money in its decommissioning fund to clean up its contaminated site to have the monies to clean up 60 years of waste in 20 years? Why is there presently not enough money in the fund to decommission the site now? How can the state trust a corporation that doesn’t have cleanup funds available presently to be responsible or even in existence in 20 years? Where is ENRON now?

    9. Broken Promises: In 2002 when Entergy bought Vermont Yankee, it signed a contract that included abiding by legislative decisions, decisions by the Public Service Board, etc. When Entergy didn’t get its way in 2010, it took the state to court.  It has subsequently gone to court again and again shredding the very contract it signed with the state line by line. This corporation cannot be trusted to live up to any agreements it makes with the state.  This is a rogue corporation that the state should not do business with.

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