Leaks Lies and Lawyers 3.30.13

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    On March 22, 2012 thousands of us marched against Entergy for operating without a state permit. (Take a trip down memory lane here). One year and four law suits later, Entergy has the State in legal handcuffs.  The SAGE Alliance held a parade, led by Bread & Puppet, followed by a Rally on March 30, 2013.

    The scene in the parking lot prepping for the parade was lively. Bread & Puppet was joined by 30 local volunteers , putting on costumes as garbage men and corporate “butchers,” and rehearsing choreography.  Local musicians, the Expandable Brass Band, from Florence, Mass. and members of Extraordinary Rendition, from Providence RI practiced songs. The Vocal Chordz warmed up their tunes and a growing cast of characters rehearsed their skit for the Rally. Cheers went up as floats arrived, and hugs welcomed Affinity Group members from afar.

    500 activists and their  families marched down Main Street chanting No more leaks, No more lies, No more lawyers! No more waste! Shut it down!



    People watching remarked on how creative and colorful this parade was. Banners, signs, and costumes, mock “fuel rod assemblies,”  dry casks waste, containers, and lots of “lawyers” filled the streets. Affinity groups marched proudly behind highway banners.

    At the Rally in the Latchis Theatre, Chris Williams led us in a rousing call and response of ‘objection! objection!’ as he talked about his two weeks at the Public Service Board hearing on the CPG witnessing Entergy’s four legal firms cry “Safety!” at every turn, and explained other Entergy legal shenanigans on the state and federal level. The Vocal Chordz led the audience in a rousing rendition of The Twelve Lies of Entergy.

    Sen. Jeanette White reminded us that the Vermont legislature took, and will take, action because we the citizens keep up the pressure on our elected leaders. Click here House Bill 139 (decommissioning). Click here  VT Senate Bill 149 (spent fuel).

    Frederic Noyse played “Sonny Spinco” (Entergy stooge), being questioned by state of Vermont regulators and legislators in a satiric skit written by Chad Simmons.

    Deb Katz of the Citizens Awareness Network said we are at a tipping point, to keep up the pressure, and closed the program with a standing ovation. You can read her remarks here.

    Please give a pat on the back to the Safe & Green Campaign members on SAGE’s Lawyers, Leaks & Lies committee, Bob Bady, Chad Simmons, Nancy Braus, and Leslie Sullivan Sachs. They met weekly for two months with Deb Katz of CAN and Debra Stoleroff of VYDA (on the phone) to plan the day.