Solar Roller 2012 Itinerary

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  • Solar Rollers Spring Tour to Shut Vermont Yankee Down

    NEW RIDERS WELCOME for any part of the trip

    Questions, potluck offerings and hospitality: email At pot lucks, Solar Rollers are happy to give presentations.

    Day #1: Departs Brattleboro Common, Friday, May 25th, 9:00 a.m. heading west on Route 9 to Bennington

    Day #2: Saturday, May 26th: Canvass Bennington; head north on 7-a/30/133 to Middletown Springs

    Day #3: Sunday, May 27th: from Middletown Springs to Middlebury, by various routes. 5:30pm Pot Luck at Havurh 56 N. Pleasant St. Contact:

    Day#4: Monday, May 28th: Canvass Middlebury; then ride to Burlington by various routes

    Day #5: Tuesday, May 29th: Canvass Burlington; to the Islands by Route 2; camp at Grand Isle State Park

    Day #6: Wednesday, May 30th: Rest Day

    Day #7: Thursday, May 31st: Depart Grand Island, north to Swanton, south to St. Albans on 2, 78, and 7.

    Day #8: Friday, June 1st: Depart St. Albans, to Enosburg Falls, to Morrisville on 105, 108, 15. 6:30 Pot luck at Apple Cheek Farm, 567 McFarland Rd., Hyde Park. 802-888-4482

    Day #9:  Saturday, June 2nd: Depart Morrisville, to Warren on 100. Hospitality by Michael Levengood, 16 Dimetro Road, Warren, Vermont 272-5271

    Day #10: Sunday, June 3rd: Depart Warren, to Rutland, on 100 and 4. Potluck at Kathleen Krevetski’s, Rutland. Contact

    Day #11: Monday, June 4th : Canvass Rutland; ride to Weston. 5:00pm Potluck and Hospitality with the Motley Group at the Lodge.

    Day #12: Tuesday, June 5th: Depart Weston, ride to Amazing Planet Farm, 218 Depot Rd., Williamsville. Contact

    Day #13: Wednesday, June 6th: Newfane to Proctorsville (tentative)

    Day #14: Thursday, June 7th: Proctorsville to South Royalton for the BALE Fest. Tabling.  3:30 pm Workshop: “Grassroots Democracy or Plutonium Plutocracy? Steps We all Can take to Close Vermont Yankee.”

    Day #15: Friday, June 8th: From South Royalton to Barre / Montpelier and Marshfield

    Day #16: Saturday, June 9th: Marshfield to Greensboro Bend. Potluck supper with W. Wheelock People’s Commune.

    Day #17: Sunday, June 10th: Depart Greensboro Bend north to Newport, then to Island Pond

    Day #18: Monday, June 11th: Depart Island Pond, to St. Johnsbury, Unitarian Universalist Church Pot Luck, 5:30 or 6pm. Contact: Virginia Elliot, East Burke.

    Day #19: Tuesday, June 12th: Depart St. Johnsbury to Thetford, down Route 5. Cedar Circle Pot Luck, contact Patrick Kearney  Hospitality by Duncan

    Day #20: Wednesday, June 13th: Depart Thetford to Springfield, down Route 5.  Potluck and hospitality by Denis Rydjeski & Betsy Eldredge, 520 Parker Hill Road, Springfield,
    Phone (802) 885-4826

    Day #21: Thursday, June 14th: Depart Springfield, tour ends in Brattleboro.

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