Solar Rollers Ride Again

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  • The Solar Rollers are an anti-nuclear bicycling group formed to ride to Seabrook in 1978. Their first stop was the Vermont Yankee nuke – and they’ve been working to shut it down ever since.

    The Solar Rollers at the Defend Democracy Rally 4.14.12

    The Solar Rollers held their 34th anniversary tour biking through all 14 counties of Vermont, talking to citizens along the way at potluck gatherings, through local media, and handing out informational fliers about the campaign to close VY.  You can watch Solar Roller David Detmold discuss Yankee and the Rollers on Rutland community access tv.

    CLICK HERE for their itinerary.

    The Solar Rollers pedal what they preach – Turn on the Sun; Turn off the Nuke. They’ll bring that message to every corner of Vermont this spring.

    We need the informed citizens of the entire state behind us when we shut Vermont Yankee down – and the Solar Rollers need your help to reach ‘em.

    So get on a bike and join the Solar Rollers for their next action, or make a donation to their outreach tour contact David Detmold at  413-863-9296 for more information.