March of Action Month 2012

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  • The Safe and Green Campaign, working together with the SAGE Alliance, built up public momentum towards March 22, 2012 — the expiration date of Vermont Yankee’s state Certificate of Public Good to operate.  In early March, the federal district court ruled that the State could not shut down Vermont Yankee on March 22  nor could it close the plant over waste storage issues until after appeals are heard by the 2nd US Circuit Court in NY.

    State regulators, Entergy’s stable of attorneys, citizen advocates and the federal court fought it out in the courts and political arenas while we took it to the streets.

    Visit our YouTube page for video from the entire month of actions.

    Sat., March 3: PowerShift Walk from Court Square in Greenfield (MA) to Vermont Yankee in Vernon. 50 citizens, Greenfield Community College students and the Fungi Affinity Group walked over 25 miles, garnering a lot of press.

    Sat. March 3: Party! Kick Off “March Of Action” Month & PowerShift AfterParty. Music by Groove Shoes, Lux Deluxe, The Diamonstones. Supporters created a fabulous pot luck supper to feed the PowerShift Walkers, spread the word about our Month of Action, and we had the energy to dance! Stone Church, Brattleboro.

    Sun. March 11: The “1st Anniversary of Fukushima” was commemorated with a mock evacuation from VT Yankee. 250 people marched with all their “evacuation gear.”

    Sun. March 11: “Fukushima & VY Forum” with Arnie Gundersen and Chiho Kaneka at The River Garden in Brattleboro.

    Wed. March 21: At the State House in Montpelier, on the last day of VT Yankee’s license to operate, legislators, and advocates including a member of the Safe and Green Campaign spoke at a press conference, and a “VY Retirement Party” and Vigil marked the occasion later that day.

    Thurs. March 22: “Occupy Entergy HQ” 2,000 people marched from the Brattleboro Common to Entergy HQ three miles away, where 143 citizens were arrested in waves of non-violent civil disobedience.

    Sat. March 24: “National Day of Solidarity with Vermont” Actions by our sister reactor communities around the United States.