March 24 National Solidarity

  • Action Center

  • Working with the SAGE Alliance and Safe and Green’s Kendra Ulrich, Beyond Nuclear is “inspired by the principled democratic action being taken in Vermont. Here in the United States, the nuclear industry and the federal government look to pre-empt a state’s right to self determination for an energy future in the public good. In Vermont, where the Fukushima-style Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant should have closed by a state legislative vote when its operating license expires on March 21, 2012, a lower court federal judge has ruled that Entergy can extend its nuclear madness by another 20 years – for now.”

    Beyond Nuclear has put out the call to all activists to “take action in solidarity with the State and the people of Vermont and participate – in person – in any of their events listed below (additional events will be added soon). Here is the growing list of actions on 3.24: Rally at the gates of Oyster Creek, NY: Rally at Entergy HQ in White Plains and a rally at the FiztPatrick NY reactor; MA: Pilgrim Coalition incorporated a solidarity message into their March 11th event; OH: Rally in Public Square in Cleveland OH, and possibly another at Davis-Besse; TX: Austin, TX ; and a Solidarity message at Occupy Portland.  In our evacuation zone, gather at Central Square in Keene from noon til 1pm, and at Vermont Yankee, the Monadnock Affinity group will be thanking them all with banners at 2pm on 3.24. Come join them!

    The “New England Natural Guard” will revisit Entergy HQ in New Orleans will we are in Vernon. Consider hosting your own event to oppose nuclear power as part of the call for a

    National Solidarity with Vermont Call to Action

    March Against Nuclear Madness.”