C2C: Countdown to Closure Vigils

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    141 C2C VIGILS: Sign Up for ONE hour on ONE day

    The people have spoken: Vermont Yankee closes March 21, 2012. Entergy’s actions in court and refueling show contempt and corporate arrogance for the will of the State of Vermont and the people in the evacuation zone. Entergy needs a daily reminder that Vermont Yankee is closing.

    Sign up to vigil for one hour, on one day, between now and 3/21/12

    How do you sign up for a C2C vigil? It’s Simple:

    1. You pick a date and find a partner to hold a sign at VY for one hour. The VY workers’ shifts change at 4pm so that’s always a good time.

    2. Email safeandgreencampaign@gmail.com to reserve your date. We’ll email you back the # of days until VY closes from your vigil date.

    3. Make a sign with the number # of Days until Closure, or print out the flyer below.

    4. Stand at VY with your sign, on your day, for an hour. If you can, email us a picture or video of yourselves to post on the web.  THAT’S ALL THERE IS TO IT!

    Brattleboro Interfaith Initiative

    Take your C2C vigil one step further:

    √ C2C Vigils: Take a phoo or video ofyourself and your partner with the sign. Feel free to add a brief message about why YOU think VY should close. Email it to safeandgrencampaign@gmail.com as an attachment and we’ll post  onFacebook.com/shutdownvermontyankee

    √ The more vigilantes the merrier! Invite a group to join you, like your yoga class, book club, or church group.

    √ Pick a date that has meaning to you. For example, on your grandchild’s birthday, you could vigil for a nuclear free future for future generations.

    √ If you have been following the Vermont Yankee issue for a while, invite someone who is new to the issue to join you, or vice versa.

    √ Spread the word ….