No nukes, Mr. President! 3.30.12

  • Action Center

  • President Obama visited Vermont on Friday, March 30th for two campaign fund raising events in Burlington. The SAGE Alliance was there, joining Occupy Vermont’s protest at the corner of Spear St. and Williston Rd. as all 4,500 people flooded in to see him speak at the hockey rink. Gov. Peter Shumlin, our US Senators Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders, and US Rep. Peter Welch couldn’t miss us, either.

    When the president’s motorcade came by, we were close enough to catch his eye. It was crystal clear to all who saw him that he was reading our signs.And he did not look happy.

    Why were we there? His home state of Illinois has 11 reactors. Nuclear power corporations are among President Obama’s largest campaign contributors, and former nuclear power executives are on his staff and campaign staff. Obama calls nuclear power “clean energy” and it is a centerpiece of his energy policy and his energy budget, with over $770 million for new nuclear research.

    Nancy Braus, Chad Simmons and Leslie Sullivan Sachs from the Safe and Green Campaign joined a dozen SAGE Alliance members at the protest.