Vigil in Solidarity with Japan April 2011

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  • Workers banner 2011 Japan vigil at VYThe world was shocked by triple meltdowns at reactors in Fukushima, Japan. As those of us living in the evacuation zone learned that the reactors are the same age, make and model as Vermont Yankee, we became increasingly horrified. Within days, Safe & Green responded to citizens’ calls for an action. Hundreds attended a silent vigil at Vermont Yankee (scroll down for photos below).

    We also wrote OpEds and letters to the editor voicing our grief. 

    One week after the disaster, the NRC granted Vermont Yankee a 20 year extension on its license, saying the 40 year old boiling water reactor, built by the same company and with the same parts as the Fukushima reactors that continue to bleed radioactive waste to this day.