Rolling Forward Post-Closure

  • About Us

  • After Entergy announced that it will stop producing power from Vermont Yankee in December 2014, Safge and Green took a fresh look at its mission. Here’s details on where we see ourselves now:

    Safe & Green Rollin’ Forward [June 2014]

    We are the people at most risk. Stay locally focused. We are the collective voice of local citizens.

    We play a role in watch-dogging the decommissioning process and make our voices heard:

    • Getting Safe & Green Campaign members (ideally 2) on the VSNAP/Citizen Advisory Panel. Advocating our representatives/legislature/Shumlin admin
    • If we are not invited to be on this panel, we pursue other avenues for keeping these issues current and public.

    o   S&G has success in putting things in to a local/immediate context

    • Issues (spent fuel, evacuation planning, people’s voice in decommissioning)

    Celebration and moving forward

    • Organize and coordinate a day-long forum celebrating moving forward, what lies ahead for community and citizen-based energy solutions (clean energy and efficiency booths, workshops (banner making, messaging))
    • And/or a party

    Passing on what we’ve learned

    Supporting other reactor communities

    • Develop and offer a speaker’s bureau that can offer guidance and advice to other communities. In person opportunities and/or web-based presentation

    Connecting the local and federal/national issues

    Federal advocacy day and/or Fukushima recognition day

    • Issues (spent fuel, evacuation, people’s voice in decommissioning)
    • Advocacy day in D.C
    • Recognizing and calling attention to the ongoing catastrophe in Fukushima
    • Advocating for change at the NRC (i.e. advocating for “neutral” NRC commissioners)

    Nuclear is not the answer to climate change.

    Collaborate with climate justice/action movement

    o   Ex: action in NYC on 9/20

    o   Ex: Bridge VT state climate action/justice efforts w/ S&G efforts