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    The Safe & Green Campaign is an urgent, grassroots, people-powered effort for a carbon free, nuclear free future.

    We helped close Entergy Nuclear’s Vermont Yankee reactor, and now advocate for safe, prompt and just decommissioning. Moving beyond Vermont Yankee means replacing its power with conservation, efficiency and renewable solutions, moving us towards a truly “Safe and Green” energy future.

    The campaign focuses on public education, outreach, and organizing among people in the 50 towns in VT, MA, and NH within 20 miles of the reactor. We are the people most in harm’s way. Our lives, property, and natural environment are most at risk. We have credibility and a unique responsibility to LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD by our neighbors throughout the region, the media, and our elected officials. Click here to see Map of “In the Shadow of the Reactor.”

    Our goal is to encourage town residents and elected officials to speak out publicly and take action…

    • FOR prompt, safe decommissioning – a 10 year time table leading to greenfield – to support the local economy, local jobs, and the environment,
    • FOR safe and green energy alternatives which create local jobs, and
    • FOR the right of the people, especially those most affected in the region, to determine their own energy future.

    History: The campaign was created in 2006 and 2007 by concerned citizens in the tri-state area.   A steering committee meets regularly, and meetings are open to all.  In 2011, Safe and Green became a founding member of the SAGE Alliance, a coalition of regional groups and individuals working to close Vermont Yankee through grassroots organizing, education, and nonviolent direct action. The direct action mission of the SAGE Alliance was accomplished when the owners announced the closure of Vermont Yankee in 2013. Safe and Green continues to work with our allies on decommissioning.

    Our successful actions to shut down Vermont Yankee can be found on our Past Actions & Events page.

    In 2016, we became founding members of the Sugar Shack Alliance,  a direct action resistance campaign in Western Massachusetts, to defend the region from Kinder Morgan’s fracked gas pipeline, compressor stations, and related projects. Kinder Morgan cancelled its plan to run a pipeline through Western Mass in 2016. We remain an affinity group in the www.sugarshackalliance.org/

     A “carbon free, nuclear free future” is possible:

    Arjun Makhijani, president of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research and author of Carbon Free and Nuclear Free: A Roadmap for U.S. Energy Policy, was the keynote speaker at our  “Countdown to Closure and a Nuclear Free Future.” Timed to mark the exact day, one year before Vermont Yankee’s license will expire—March 21, 2012—this event featured Dr.  Makhijani and James Moore, director of Vermont PIRG’s Clean Energy Program. 150 people filled the hall. A week later, 45 people gathered to brainstorm potential activities for the next year leading up to March 21, 2012. We also hosted talks in Brattleboro and Greenfield by Dr. Makhijani in 2008, soon after his book was published. Since 2008 his research has been verified and documented many times over.

    “Green” energy is growing exponentially, while nuclear power reactors are closing and across the US corporations demand state tax dollars to prop up this failing industry.


    Please contact: safeandgreencampaign@gmail.com and ask to be added to our list serve, or complete the Contact Form here.

    The SAGE Alliance  coordinating committee and affinity group reps
    Bottom Row: Eric Bachman, Harvey Shacktman, Bob Bady, Court Dorsey, Debra Stoleroff; Middle Row: Nina Swaim, Sharon Tracy, Dan DeWalt, Jean Sherlock, Deb Katz, Kimberly Medeiros, Joan Sellers, Rose Whitcomb-Detmold; Top Row: David Detmold, Chris Williams, Andre LaCoste, Tom Wyatt, Alistair MacMartin, Jim Romer, Randy Kehler. Missing: Kari Post, Deb Reger, Erik Girard.  Photo by: Leslie Sullivan Sachs