Public Hearings: VT 2 – NRC Zip

The Public Service Board announced that it will hold two public hearings, rather than the usual one, on the Certificate of Public Good for the sale of Vermont Yankee by Entergy to NorthStar Group LLC. That means we will have two bites at the apple. The first will be this March to give the Board our broad concerns and questions about the sale. The second will be held in September, after much more specific information has been submitted to the Board.  Read more on

As the article points out, there is nothing in the NRC’s process which says the public has the right to a hearing or meeting about the sale and the transfer of the license from Entergy to NorthStar — even though NorthStar will need to submit a new PSDAR (Post Shut Down Decommissioning Activities Report). The NRC came to Vermont in February 2015 for a raucous, standing room only meeting on Entergy’s PSDAR …. I imagine they are not chomping at the bit to return. If you would like to read the filing from Entergy & NorthStar to the NRC, it is available but too large a file for our website; Entergy has it posted here.

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