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“Nuclear Goldilocks”

At the US Senate hearings in January, we heard the whining voices of nuclear power corporations speaking through a majority of the Senators on the NRC oversight committee. Their mantra is that the industry is over-regulated.  In 2012, industry pressured … Continue reading

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Safe & Green in DC

On Tuesday, Safe and Green members brought your voice to Washington, DC. Our message: the state and the public must have a real role in decommissioning planning, which currently is simply between the corporation and the captive regulator, the NRC. … Continue reading

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PSB Hearing Tues 1/14: Talking Points

This coming Tuesday, the Public Service Board (PSB) wants to hear from citizens like you. There are many details — but if we look at the forest, not the trees, the question is a simple one: do you trust Entergy? … Continue reading

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State & Entergy Come to “Agreement”

On December 23, the State and Entergy held a press conference to announce that they have reached an “agreement” about closure and decommissioning Vermont Yankee. The State has also filed two Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with the Public Service Board … Continue reading

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State of VT & Entergy Talks Fail

Time to for us to get pushy, since Entergy and the State were unable to come to a negotiated agreement on closure and decommissioning Yankee. They say talks will continue. In the meantime, the Public Service Board should make a … Continue reading

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Decommissioning VT Yankee

Four speakers will present their knowledge and thoughts on the future of Vermont Yankee in a two hour panel at the Bridge Street School in Northampton, Mass on Sunday, Dec. 8th. Paul Blanch and Ray Shadis  participated in Maine Yankee … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up VT Yankee

“Cleaning Up VT Yankee: Three Perspectives” Since Entergy announced that it would stop producing power (and radioactive waste) at the end of 2014, there have been some proposals made about the best process and time line for decommissioning. We have … Continue reading

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Dec. 3rd: Cleaning Up VT Yankee

Just in time for for you to do a little background reading before our panel December 3rd, Dave Lochbaum has added a primer of decommissioning to Activist Toolkit. We’ve posted it on our Decommissioning Resources. Safe & Green Campaign will … Continue reading

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NRC Public Hearing on env. impacts of waste storage

NRC is holding public meetings on the extended storage of nuclear waste. The closest hearing to VT Yankee will be October 28, 6pm Open House, 7pm Public Hearing  Radisson Hotel & Suites Chelmsford-Lowell 10 Independence Drive Chelmsford, MA  01824 (near … Continue reading

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The NRC & Government Shut Down

UPDATE: On October 9, the NRC scaled WAYYYYYY back. No daily updates to the website, so we don’t know about any problems, accidents, or if a reactor has powered down (always a clue that something’s up).NRC inspectors will stay in … Continue reading

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