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No Nukes Contingent: People’s Climate March

On Sunday, September 21 hundreds of thousands of people will march in New York to tell the world that action must be taken on climate change now. A few days later, the United Nations is holding a gathering of world … Continue reading

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NYC: Nuclear-Free Activists National Meeting

Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free activists from all over the United States will gather on Saturday, September 20 from 2-6 pm at the Bread and Butter Deli, upstairs, 419 Park Avenue South (corner of 29th Street). #6 subway, 28th Street stop. The primary … Continue reading

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Update – People’s Climate March: Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free

Sept. 20 / 21 People’s Climate March & the Nuclear Free Contingent Look at the Line Up & Narrative for ALL the march contingents here. Nuclear-Free is part of  #3: “We Have The Solutions” SATURDAY: Just added: “Don’t Nuke the … Continue reading

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NRC Wrap Up

16 NRC representatives faced a mostly hostile crowd of 60 local citizens on Wednesday evenin’s annual safety assessment of Vermont Yankee. Many who attended were feeling the sting of the NRC decision, announced the day before, that spent fuel could … Continue reading

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“Taking Power” Photo Exhibit & Gala

This is nuclear disaster season: Fukushima March 11, Three Mile Island March 28, Chernobyl April 26.   On May 6, 1979 almost 100,000 people marched on Washington DC, calling for an end of nuclear power and promoting renewables. Some of … Continue reading

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May 6: Gala Opening of “Taking Power”

Joni Mitchell sang “paved paradise and put up a nuclear hot spot” on May 6, 1979 when almost 100,000 people marched on Washington DC, calling for an end of nuclear power and promoting renewables. Since that time, not one new … Continue reading

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“Nuclear Goldilocks”

At the US Senate hearings in January, we heard the whining voices of nuclear power corporations speaking through a majority of the Senators on the NRC oversight committee. Their mantra is that the industry is over-regulated.  In 2012, industry pressured … Continue reading

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Voices of Fukushima 2014

Safe & Green hosted a “Voices of Fukushima” gathering at the Brattleboro Food Coop Community Room on March 11. After watching short documentaries about Fukushima,  Chiho Kaneko gave a presentation, led a discussion on shifting the paradigm on radiation, and … Continue reading

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State & Entergy Come to “Agreement”

On December 23, the State and Entergy held a press conference to announce that they have reached an “agreement” about closure and decommissioning Vermont Yankee. The State has also filed two Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with the Public Service Board … Continue reading

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Decommissioning VT Yankee

Four speakers will present their knowledge and thoughts on the future of Vermont Yankee in a two hour panel at the Bridge Street School in Northampton, Mass on Sunday, Dec. 8th. Paul Blanch and Ray Shadis  participated in Maine Yankee … Continue reading

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