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$12.6B into the Death Spiral

The nuclear power industry got a huge boost today from YOU via the US Dept. of Energy. DOE is proposing $12.6 Billion (yes, B) in new nuclear “guaranteed loans” for existing and new nuclear reactors. Renewable Energy and Efficient Energy … Continue reading

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NEW Countdown to Closure!

Remember our daily “Countdown to Closure” vigils at the gates of Vermont Yankee back in 2011 & 2012? We were marking the days until March 21, 2012, the day Vermont’s stamp of approval for nuclear operations expired.  Now watch our … Continue reading

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June 1 Update

Why were activists all riled up for the NRC’s public meeting in Brattleboro last week? Here are three reasons. #1. The NRC didn’t talk about what went wrong at Yankee in 2013-14. This was supposed to be its “annual safety … Continue reading

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A Homer Simpson Kinda Birthday

43 years ago today, in 1972, Vermont Yankee received its license to operate from the NRC. 3 years ago today, the NRC extended their safety approval for another 20 years, til 2032. Today, the public learned for the first time that … Continue reading

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Entergy: Not Walking Its Talk

While before state regulators, Energy lawyers promise its days of ‘misspeaking’ and cover ups are ancient history, and vows the state can trust it. But Entergy is acting like the profit-driven corporation that it is, behind the scenes avoiding putting … Continue reading

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“High Power” in Northampton Friday

Pradeep Indulkar will show the short film, “High Power” this Friday, Feb. 7  at 7:00pm, Frances Crowe Community Rom, Media Education Foundation, 60 Masonic Street in Northampton, Mass. He will discuss the film and the recent trade agreement between the … Continue reading

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Safe & Green in DC

On Tuesday, Safe and Green members brought your voice to Washington, DC. Our message: the state and the public must have a real role in decommissioning planning, which currently is simply between the corporation and the captive regulator, the NRC. … Continue reading

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Voices before the PSB

Forty citizens testified to the PSB Tuesday night on Vt Yankee’s future and we’ve posted a lot here to inform and inspire you. Now its your turn. If you missed the hearing, go ahead and write comments and then mail … Continue reading

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Still NO State Permit: Not in 2012 … Not in 2013 … 2014 ?

The closing of VT Yankee is on the region’s top ten news stories for 2013, and the new year begins with much fanfare about the state’s “grand bargain” with Entergy.  According to our handy website counter, it’s been 652 days … Continue reading

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State & Entergy Come to “Agreement”

On December 23, the State and Entergy held a press conference to announce that they have reached an “agreement” about closure and decommissioning Vermont Yankee. The State has also filed two Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with the Public Service Board … Continue reading

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