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  • Take the Pledge! “I pledge to take action to close the Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor in Vernon, Vermont.”

    Please take the VY Pledge by completing and submitting the form below. This pledge is sponsored by the SAGE Alliance and its member groups: Safe & Green Campaign, Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Alliance, Citizens Awareness Network, NIRS, Beyond Nuclear, and Clamshell Alliance. Only your name, town and state will be public. Contact information may be used to provide you with notice of actions to close Vermont Yankee.

    360 citizens have pledged to close Vermont Yankee. Are you one of them? Check the VY Pledge list herePledge List 06.12.2012

    I pledge to take action to close the Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor in Vernon, Vermont.

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    • Vermont Yankee is an aging, leaky nuclear reactor of the same dangerous design as the Fukushima reactors that failed so disastrously in Japan. It has been plagued by a series of accidents, breakdowns, and operational lapses, including fires, collapsing cooling towers, safety equipment failures, and radioactive contamination of soil, ground water, and the Connecticut River.
    • With strong backing from the people of Vermont and the surrounding region, the Vermont legislature overwhelmingly voted to deny permission for Vermont Yankee to operate past March 21, 2012, the expiration date of its initial 40-year federal license.  Vermont’s is the only state legislature in the U.S. to have taken this strong action.
    • In an effort to override Vermont’s democratic process and the will of its people, Vermont Yankee’s owner, the multi-billion-dollar, Louisiana-based Entergy Corporation sued the State of Vermont in federal court, asserting, in effect, that no state has the right to decide its own energy future. They hired the best lawyers money can buy, flooded the court with 16,000 pages of documents, and won.
    • The people of Vermont and their neighbors in Massachusetts and New Hampshire refuse to be bullied by legal or any other form of intimidation on the part of Entergy, their corporate allies, and the nuclear establishment in Washington, D.C.  We, the people, are standing together to insist that we do have the right to determine our own energy future — one that is safe, clean, green, and democratically controlled.
    • Our victory in this struggle against corporate tyranny and for the rights of the people will have widespread repercussions, inspiring similar efforts by citizens and their state legislatures all over the country. With the help of people everywhere who support our cause, we can win this victory!