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  • Climate March 9.21.2014

    Safe and Green Campaigners at the People’s Climate Action March in NYC on 9.21.2014, as part of the Nuclear-Free Carbon-Free Contingent

    Take a look at Past Safe & Green Actions  and then join our email list to hear about upcoming actions and to get the latest news.

    One action you can always take: write a letter to the editor, or and write to your elected officials and regulators — scroll down for their contact info.

    Take Action on Vermont Yankee


    NRC Public Hearing on Entergy VT Yankee PSDAR

    [Post Shut Down Activities Report] FEBRUARY 19, 2015  6-9PM QUALITY INN, PUTNEY RD., BRATTLEBORO, VT  Event Details & Public Comment Info Here

    Safe & Green Campaign with Citizens Awareness Network are planning an educational forum to assist citizens in developing public comments. Please join our email list to keep informed by completing a Contact Us form.

    Attend the meetings of the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel. There is time after each agenda item for public comment. Their webpage is here. The next NDCAP meeting is tentatively set for Thursday, January 22, in the Multipurpose Room at Brattleboro Union High School (131 Fairground Road, Brattleboro, VT 05301).

    Keep informed. If it seems like there are too many issues to follow, pick one and focus on it. We have a list of issues as well as information and news on our Decommissioning Resources page.

    Let VT Commissioner Chris Recchia know you appreciate his work to make Vermont’s voices heard in Washington. In the past few months, he has testified twice before the NRC calling for more state and local participation in decommissioning planning, keeping the evacuation zone in place, moving spent fuel promptly into dry cask storage, and more. Read more here for testimony to the NRC Commissioners, and here for his July 2014 testimony to NRC staff. (Contact info below).

    Write to Senators Sanders and Markey and US Rep. Welch and thank them for putting forward bills to allow states and local communities a say in decommissioning planning. (Contact info below)

         Emergency Planning Zone  

    Entergy does not want to spend another dime on the emergency planning zone (EPZ) – protecting you, me and the elementary school across the street while it moves highly radioactive fuel out of the seven-story pool, or while the dangerous and dirty work of decommissioning the 40 year old reactor takes place.  The NRC’s rule is that EPZs stay in effect, but reactor owners ask for an exemption to that rule soon after power is no longer being produced – but while there is still spent fuel in the fuel poo, while it is being moved into dry cask storage, and while the facility is being taken apart. The NRC has given EPZ exemptions every time the owners have asked.

    What can you do? Two Massachusetts towns have taken action. Town officials in Gill and Greenfield are opposing the exemption request. Organize some friends, draft some language, and ask your town officials to sign a similar letter or pass a resolution. The letter submitted by Gill and contact info for Greenfield are in our “Towns take action of the EPZ post here.

    At the 12.18.14 meeting of NDCAP Chris Recchia, chair of NDCAP and Commissioner of the VT Dept. of Public Service, said that the state would be “actively opposing” Entergy’s request to the NRC for an exemption. Support the state’s efforts; send Recchia a big THANKS! (Contact info for Recchia and other officials is below. )

    Entergy needs to receive a Certificate of Public Good from the Public Service Board for the new dry cask storage pad. CAN recommends that the Certificate include a condition requiring the emergency planning zone remain in effect until all the waste is secured in storage.  Learn a bit more here, then contact the PSB.

    Read more here and here  then write your local legislators and the contacts below – demand they pressure the NRC. Public safety can’t be accomplished by a rubber stamp.



    NIRS published a paper in September 2014, “Killing the Competition,” about Exelon & Entergy efforts to squeeze blood more money out of ratepayers & Public Utility Commissions, and block to renewables. Good reading, good graphics, and good background.

    Safe & Green Campaign members were among the hundreds who testified before the NRC opposing its “Waste Confidence” policy. A federal court said without Yucca Mountain, NRC has to prove waste can be stored safely. So the NRC has decided  that on-site storage – even in fuel pools! – is safe.   On 9.29.14 safe energy advocates filed a petition protesting NRC’s arrogant defiance of the court. Here’s how you can support them.


    Feeling outraged by Entergy’s latest cover up, spin or misstatement? Keep regulators and elected officials vigilant! Please write or email with your comments to:

    Governor Peter Shumlin / 109 State Street, Pavilion / Montpelier, VT 05609 / Phone: 802 828-3333

    Chris Recchia, Commissioner / VT Public Service Dept. / 112 State Street Third Floor, Montpelier, VT 05620-2601 /Phone: 802 828-4071

    William Sorrell, Attorney General / 109 State Street, Montpelier VT 05609-1001 / Phone: 802 828-3171

    Mike Twomey, Vice President, External Affairs/ Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee / 185 Old Ferry Road, Brattleboro, VT 05301

    Neil Sheehan, NRC Region 1 Public Affairs / Phone 610 337-5331

    Vermont Congressional Delegation: email their their website Contact forms

    Senator Patrick Leahy (VT) 802-229-0569
    Senator Bernie Sanders (VT 802-862-0697 (on US Senate oversight committee for nuclear power)
    Senator Ed Markey (MA) 202-224-2742 (on US Senate oversight committee for nuclear power)
    Congressman Peter Welch (VT) 802-652-2450


    Join the Safe and Green Campaign

    •  Join Safe and Green Campaign’s email list serve to receive notices of up-coming actions, meetings, and public hearings. We only send out information related to the Safe & Green Campaign. Send your email address, name, town and state to
    • Host a house party for friends who may be interested in forming Affinity Groups and get trained in nonviolent direct action. Contact Bob Bady
    • Speaking out We can bring you up to date on what’s happening. Invite Safe and Green Campaign to come speak to your transition town or energy committee, church social justice committee, to your college class, and before your city council or town government.
    • Create banners, contribute artwork, write letters, show up for our actions, contact elected officials.

    If you want to participate, or if you want more information, please contact:

    • or
    • Bob Bady, (Vermont)
    • Randy Kehler, (Massachusetts)
    • We are looking for a volunteer organizer from NH. Former NH organizer Kendra Ulrich was hired by Friends of the Earth and helped shut down the San Onofre reactor, and is now working for Greenpeace International on nuclear issues.

    Write Letters to the Editor

    Rutland Herald RH Letters link
    Burlington Free Press BFP Letters link
    Keene Sentinal

    • Follow-up with a phone call the same day to the Editor of the paper.
    • Send a copy of your letters to the legislators from the area.
    • If you want to write an opinion piece longer than 300 words, contact the editor of the newspaper for their guidelines.
    • If you follow a blog regularly, be sure to comment on pro-nuclear arguments and post your own opinions.

    Send Letters to Your Electric Company

    • Massachusetts and New Hampshire utilities may still have contracts to purchase power from Vermont Yankee.
    • MASSACHUSETTS & NH ACTIVISTS: One of the most powerful things we can do is demand that our electric utility companies stop purchasing power from Entergy and instead buy electricity from local, renewable electricity suppliers. When you send in your next payment, include a letter requesting they not buy power from Entergy Nuclear.
    • None of the Vermont utility companies have a contract to purchase power from Vermont Yankee after March 21, 2012.
    • Check your utility bill or utility company’s website for renewable options.

    More Things You Can Do

    Support Local, Renewable Electricity Projects

    • Several renewable energy projects are being proposed in southern VT, western MA and eastern NH.
    • Contact your local regulators and voice your support for these projects.
    • Attend planning and regulatory meetings/hearings regarding these proposals. Show your support and suggest solutions for making these projects better.
    • Supporting local, efficiency and renewable projects is JUST AS IMPORTANT as closing Vermont Yankee.
    • Check out our page on Safe & Green Alternatives for specifics in your region.

    Support Legislative and Gubernatorial Candidates

    • While the Safe & Green Campaign cannot endorse candidates, you can!
    • Support candidates that support closing Vermont Yankee and are aggressively pursuing conservation, efficiency and renewable solutions.
    • Contact their campaigns and get involved.

    Educate Yourself and Testify

    • Follow your state’s energy planning process and testify. For example, Vermont held public hearings on their draft energy plan
    • Attend public hearings on nuclear issues, such as emergency planning and evacuation planning, and testify on how it will affect you and alternatives to their plans and regulations.
    • Join Safe and Green Campaign’s list serve and we will send you notices of public hearings.

    Donate to the Safe & Green Campaign

    Mail a check today to: Safe and Green Campaign, PO Box 6052, Brattleboro, VT 05302. If it is $50 or more, please write the check to our fiscal sponsor, NEGEF.


    Click: Donating to Safe and Green to read more and to donate on-line, or click the yellow DONATE button. Your donations enable us to reach out to the community and provide logistical support for actions. Thank you!