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  • Vermont Yankee is now shut down as of December 29, 2014!
  • November 27, 2016

    Asking Questions on VY Sale

    On Election Day (11.8.16) Entergy announced plans to sell Vermont Yankee to a consortium of four companies, led by NorthStar Group. The sale must be approved by the Public Service Board and Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  Press coverage is here:  … Continue reading

    November 8, 2016

    Entergy Selling VT Yankee

    While all eyes are on the US elections today, Entergy announced that it is selling Vermont Yankee to NorthStar Group Services. Links to articles are below.  An article is posted on VtDigger here:  Entergy now plans to move the … Continue reading

    October 27, 2016

    When People & Money Leave (and the Plant Stays)

    10.14.2016 report  issued: “When People and Money Leave (and the Plant Stays) – Lessons Learned from the Closure of the Vermont Yankee Power Station: A Tri-Region Experience.” Authored by Windham Regional Commission (Vermont), Southwest Regional Planning Commission (New Hampshire) & … Continue reading

    NDCAP Thursday 10/27 in Vernon

    This Thursday, October 27, 2016 is the monthly meeting of the Vermont Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel.  Please note that the meeting will take place from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the cafetorium at the Vernon Elementary School, 381 … Continue reading

    October 16, 2016

    Power Struggle Sneak Previews

    After 7 years in the making, local area filmmaker Robbie Leppzer is holding two “Sneak Preview” benefit fundraiser screenings of his new 104-minute feature-length documentary film, POWER STRUGGLE, which chronicles the grassroots political battle to close the Vermont Yankee nuclear … Continue reading

    September 12, 2016

    VT Yankee: Regenerations & Power Struggle

    The documentary Robbie Leppzer has been working on since 2010, entitled “Power Struggle,” will premiere this fall.  Mark your calendars: Sunday 2pm on 10/23 at the Academy of Music in Northampton, and it will open Brattleboro’s Film Festival on Thursday, … Continue reading

    May 20, 2016

    May 26 NDCAP Meeting

      There were a few pleasant surprises at the May NDCAP meeting. Emergency Planning & Paying for Oversight The state of Vermont is resurrecting the EPZ! The state will take on responsibility for emergency planning beginning this July. It hopes … Continue reading

    March 21, 2016

    3.24.16 Citizens Advisory Panel meeting

    The next meeting of the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel is Thursday, March 24. As always, it is open to the public and there is time for public comment at the end. You can access the agenda on NDCAP’s webpage, … Continue reading

    March 14, 2016

    Five Years of Nuclear Disaster: Fukushima Anniversary

    The fifth anniversary of the tsunami and earthquake which devastated Japan on March 11, 2011 caused the press to again — briefly — pay attention to the condition of the four Fukushima reactors, the radiated water gushing into the Pacific, … Continue reading

    March 11, 2016

    PSR: 10,000 new cancers from Fukushima

    Yesterday, Physicians for Social Responsibility released its research on the health impacts of Fukushima.  PSR estimates 10,000 excess cancers due to Fukushima.  Access the report or read highlights here. Howard Schaeffer, long-time cheerleader for VT Yankee and the nuclear industry, … Continue reading

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