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  • 12 days until Vermont Yankee shuts down.
  • December 18, 2014

    “You Done Good”

    An Oped by former VT Governor Tom Salmon has been widely published in recent days. Leslie Sullivan Sachs of Safe & Green quickly scribbled a response when she heard the local weekly paper was also publishing it. We have posted … Continue reading

    State Comments on PSDAR Posted

    The extensive comments by Vermont’s state agencies on Entergy Post Shut Down Activities Report (PSDAR) have been posted on the state NDCAP website and on Entergy’s decomm website The state comments will also be presented at the NDCAP meeting tonight … Continue reading

    December 17, 2014

    Emergency Planning Update

    Citizens Awareness Network has a suggestion. Entergy intends to end the emergency planning zone in April 2016 – while tons of radioactive fuel is still in the spent fuel pool, and while those tons are moved into dry cask storage. … Continue reading

    Tis the Season!

    Tis the Season to be Jolly …. Celebrating the Shut Down! VYDA is hosting a “Countdown to the Shutdown” Pot Luck Celebration on Saturday, December 27th at 6pm in Barre, VT. CAN & Safe and Green are throwing a Nuclear … Continue reading

    December 16, 2014

    NDCAP Agenda & Location

    The Agenda for Thursday’s NDCAP meeting has been posted, at long last. It will be held in the Multi Purpose Room, Fairgrounds Road, Brattleboro Union High School. 6-9pm. Go to our Event post for details.      

    December 12, 2014

    Closing Spin

    As Yankee counts the days until closing, the press is taking notice. “Gone Fission?” is the cover story in 7Days, Burlington’s free weekly. Our own Leslie Sullivan Sachs and Gary Sachs were profiled, as were four workers and others from … Continue reading

    December 9, 2014

    Good News

    In its reports this fall, Entergy estimated that $368 million will be needed for moving spent nuclear fuel into dry cask storage. It confirmed yesterday to the NRC that it will take out a $145 million line of credit to … Continue reading

    December 6, 2014

    Evacuation Drill a “Success”

    Success? With 4,0000-6,000 evacuees expected in real life, “…about 15 “actors” — many of them off-duty Windham County deputy sheriffs — played the role of Vernon and Guilford residents” at an evac center where  they were registered by 14 Red … Continue reading

    December 2, 2014

    VY Un-Plugs in 4 Weeks

    Download to print our new flyer for your Fridge & Friends 28 Days until Vermont Yankee stops making power, stops making waste, and our Connecticut River valley is nuclear free again. Wow. What do you do? When you finally get … Continue reading

    November 26, 2014

    Deadlines As NDCAP Muddles Along

    VT’s public comment periods on Yankee decommissioning are a muddle (more below). But one deadline is clear: you have until December 1 to tell the EPA that nuclear power is not clean power, and to get it out of the … Continue reading

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